About the book: A Textbook of Bowen Technique

A Textbook of Bowen Technique really is  ‘A Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Bowen Therapy’.  The book features:

– A foreword by Dr. Romney Smeeton D.C., former student of Tom Bowen

– A detailed outline of underlying principles and relevant theory

– The presentation of valuable holistic assessment methods

– The use of holistic assessment to guide the application of Bowen Therapy

– 24 In-depth procedure descriptions

– Procedure discussions featuring the author’s rich anecdotal experience gained from over  100,000   consultations conducted across more than two decades

– Bowen Move & Acupuncture point correlations for 100 acupoints

– 260 x 200 mm, 272 Pages, 180 full-colour illustrations and photographs

– Detailed discussion of the role the fascia plays with regard to the action of acupuncture and   Bowen Therapy

– The complete ‘Transcript of Interview’ between Tom Bowen and the Victorian Parliamentary   Committee of Enquiry into Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Naturopathy (08/10/1973).


Bowen Therapy Book - A Textbook of Bowen TechniqueThe cost of this bowen therapy book is $65 plus $10.00 postage to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

If the buyer is from outside Australia or New Zealand please contact your closest distributor who will advise the postage costs.






Contents Index:

  • Foreword by Dr Romney Smeeton
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Underlying Principles
  • Chapter 2: Function, Symmetry and the Cycle of Disturbance
  • Chapter 3: Assessing the Patient
  • Chapter 4: Locating the Sustaining Muscle Spasm
  • Chapter 5: Treatment of the Central Axis
  • Chapter 6: Procedures to influence the pelvis
  • Chapter 7: Extremity Procedures
  • Chapter 8: The Treatment of Physiological conditions
  • Chapter 9: The Fascia – Its Structure, Function and role in Bowen Therapy


About the Author: Graham Pennington

Graham Pennington - Bowen Therapy Book Author

For more than two decades, Graham Pennington has been practising Bowen therapy, naturopathy and acupuncture in his busy, multi-practitioner clinic in Warrnambool, Australia.

As a young naturopathic graduate, he was introduced to the Bowen technique when he took over the running of Ossie Rentsch’s clinic in Hamilton in 1989. This unique opportunity provided an intense exposure to the system of therapeutic bodywork that would become such an important component of his professional life.

In addition to his experience in Hamilton, Graham has also received extensive mentoring and invested many hours observing Dr Romney Smeeton DC in his Geelong clinic.

He has spent the last twenty-three years practising, teaching, and developing the Bowen technique. In this book he seeks to share his clinical knowledge and experience with the practising Bowen therapist.


What people are saying about the book and the seminars:


A Textbook of Bowen Technique represents ‘a quiet revolution’ in the study of Bowen Therapy.

                                             Gene Dobkin – Instructor, Author of ‘The Bowen Home Companion’


Graham’s knowledge of Bowen is unquestionable and he presents it in a very concise way with great illustrations and a good indexing system.  I would recommend that every student and qualified practitioner read his view on the Bowen Technique – not only is it informative on many levels but it challenges opinion and allows for discussion.

                                      Part of a book review published in the BTPA Journal in the U.K. in 2013


It is evident a great deal of thought, research and commitment to Bowen has gone into the book. Graham’s knowledge of Bowen is excellent. The book is a valuable resource for any Bowen trained therapist, as I believe there is information to challenge you and make you think about the way you practise the therapy, whatever your training.

                                                                                                    Ron Phelan – N.S.T. Instructor


After attending Graham Pennington’s seminar, I find that words seem inadequate to express all the positive feelings and knowledge that I brought home with me.  Thank you so much Graham.  You expanded my horizons and knowledge-base exponentially…

If you are a Bowen practitioner, being open to the information Graham imparts has the potential to transform your practice in the direction you choose.  If you are a serious and curious student of Bowen, take his course and/or get his book.  You won’t be disappointed.

Nancee Rogers, Bowtech Instructor who attended the Ohio Workshop in June, 2013


I am posting this at the conclusion of Graham’s class.  This is a wonderful interpretation of the Bowen Technique.  What an eye opener it was!  Those who are keen on keeping Bowen pure, enhancing their treatment outcomes, finding and removing the root cause of the problem(s), understanding assessment, using re-assessment to evaluate their own moves, and understanding the real evolution of Mr Bowen’s work – This class is a must for you.

If you can’t get to one of his classes, at least read and re-read his book.  It will change the way you approach your practice of Bowen Therapy.

Dr Mitchell Mosher – Author of  “Bowen Therapy – Complete Practitioners Guide”


I recognise Graham’s knowledge and experience in the field of acupuncture.

Along with his familiarity of basic chiropractic and osteopathic principles, he combines acupuncture expertise with his extensive knowledge of Bowen’s work and this has enabled him to put together a work of significance.

Hopefully, this book will make you think.  I am certain it will be of great benefit to Bowen practitioners of all persuasions.

                                                                                             Dr Romney Smeeton – Chiropractor


I feel a lot more confident now about my assessments and my treatments. I loved the way Graham was able to debunk a lot of the mysticism of Bowen therapy in such an informal and experiential way. This was one case when I did not want the workshop to end as there was just so much to learn. The book has now come to life because I now understand the context of our work and I feel that I can explain things a lot better to my clients as well.

I have resolved not to do any further Bowen courses but to continue to hone my skills based on what I have learnt over this weekend. It was by far the best investment I have made in terms of my Bowen work.

Dr Rama Naidu – Johannesburg, 2014


I feel so empowered and eager to start my next chapter as a more confident Bowen therapist. I can’t contain my excitement! This has truly changed the way I view Bowen as a whole and has cemented the way I’ve always wanted to work.

Michelle Catsavis – Johannesburg, 2014


An absolutely brilliant course! I will never see Bowen in the same light again, it is much brighter now.

J.H. – Zagreb, 2104


Graham is a dynamic, vibrant presenter with an obvious passion for Bowen.  The course itself is completely mind blowing to a regular Bowen practitioner, and we were taught how to take our Bowen to the next level.  I will never view Bowen therapy in the same light again.  During the course we are given all the tools to start implementing this new practice immediately, and I will never again fear that I shouldn’t make the same move twice, or be afraid of doing too much or too little because I now know how to assess the client as I go along, to see whether the problem has been corrected.

Jeanette Viljoen – Johannesburg, 2014