A Textbook Approach

A Fresh Approach

The purpose of this book (and our seminars) is to introduce a fresh approach to the use of Bowen therapy. It is written for people who are currently practicing Bowen technique, be it in the popular “recipe” form or in a different form.

A Treatment Tailored to Your Patient's Needs

We teach practitioners how to assess the patient and then apply a Bowen therapy treatment "targeted" to the patient’s specific individual needs. Of course, this involves a significantly different treatment for each patient.

Improve Your Clinical Outcomes

This approach will improve your confidence and clinical outcomes without damaging the integrity of your Bowen technique.

Latest Article

Index of 60 Bowen Technique Case Studies

‘Index of Case Studies’ The following list constitutes an ‘Index of Case Studies’, each one outlining the use of targeted Bowen Therapy in relation to a specific clinical presentation.  I began documenting the first of these case studies in 2013 to help therapists understand the concept of targeted treatment informed by holistic tonal assessment.  Since then,… Read More