A Textbook Approach

A Fresh Approach

The purpose of this book (and our seminars) is to introduce a fresh approach to the use of Bowen therapy. It is written for people who are currently practicing Bowen technique, be it in the popular “recipe” form or in a different form.

A Treatment Tailored to Your Patient's Needs

We teach practitioners how to assess the patient and then apply a Bowen therapy treatment "targeted" to the patient’s specific individual needs. Of course, this involves a significantly different treatment for each patient.

Improve Your Clinical Outcomes

This approach will improve your confidence and clinical outcomes without damaging the integrity of your Bowen technique.

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Case 25 – Recalcitrant Bell’s Palsy in a 73 y.o. male Barry (73 y.o.) presented to the clinic on 28th April, 2016 detailing a history of over 18 months of chronic left-sided facial paralysis that had been diagnosed as Bell’s Palsy. He had diminished sensation especially on the upper branch of the facial nerve but… Read More