Index of 60 Bowen Technique Case Studies

‘Index of Case Studies’

The following list constitutes an ‘Index of Case Studies’, each one outlining the use of targeted Bowen Therapy in relation to a specific clinical presentation.  I began documenting the first of these case studies in 2013 to help therapists understand the concept of targeted treatment informed by holistic tonal assessment.  Since then, I have shared over 60 case descriptions.  In the great majority of cases, the treatment is targeted to a site quite remote from the patient’s symptomatology.

I believe clinical observation is vital to the development of good therapists yet it is sorely lacking throughout our industry.  I hope each case study will help to provide a general overview of the importance of holistic assessment as well as some context for the application of the technique.

Case 1:  Chronic pain and numbness in the leg associated with disc injury

Case 2:  Idiopathic pain and swelling of the knee

Case 3:  Chronic lower back pain

Case 4:  Hip pain referring down the right leg

Case 5:  Pain associated with Scheuermann’s Disease & multi-level disc injury

Case 6:  Chronic shoulder pain

Case 7:  Neck pain and headaches associated with coccyx dysfunction

Case 8:  Hip pain associated with piriformis spasm

Case 9:  Knee pain and swelling associated with adductor spasm

Case 10:  Chronic sciatic pain associated with cervical and cranial dysfunction

Case 11:  Carpal tunnel syndrome with Neck and TMJ involvement

Case 12:  Chronic tennis elbow

Case 13:  Recalcitrant knee swelling & pain following arthroscopic meniscectomy

Case 14:  Exhaustion and shortness of breath following pulmonary lobectomy

Case 15:  Chronic right hip pain with numbness around the left hip

Case 16:  Acute lower back pain

Case 17:  Pain and swelling of the right knee, hay fever, and chronic tiredness

Case 18:  Acute pain in the buttock and hamstring

Case 19:  Daily episodes of neuralgia in the head and neck

Case 20:  Chronic trigeminal neuralgia; ear and face pain

Case 21:  Chronic and severe lower back pain associated with scoliosis

Case 22:  Chronic numbness in the thumb & fingers associated with upper back pain

Case 23:  Trigger finger

Case 24:  Chronic neck pain and stiffness

Case 25:  Recalcitrant Bell’s Palsy in a 73 y.o. male

Case 26:  Involuntary movements in a 16 y.o. female with ataxic cerebral palsy

Case 27:  Chronic neck pain and headaches

Case 28:  A comparison of the treatment of three patients with vertigo

Case 29:  Chronic numbness of the thumb in a 37 y.o. male

Case 30:  Severe sciatic pain in a 76 y.o. male patient

Case 31:  Chronic back and neck pain in a 75-year-old male

Case 32:  Chronic and severe lower back and hip pain

Case 33:  Treatment of uterine bleeding in a patient with diagnosed placenta previa.

Case 34:  Chronic, multi-regional back pain due to coccyx dysfunction

Case 35:  A patient experiences a ‘reaction’ following a coccyx correction

Case 36:  Using Bowen to help improve fertility

Case 37:  Facial Neuralgia in an 85 year old male

Case 38:  Correction of severe malocclusion in an 11 year old girl

Case 39:  Treatment of chronic persistent back pain in a 20 year old male

Case 40:  Chronic and recalcitrant back pain

Case 41:  Chronic Bilateral Brachial Neuralgia in a 28 year old computer operator

Case 42:  Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint pain in two separate patients

Case 43:  Treatment of chronic neck pain associated with cervical degeneration

Case 44:  Chronic shoulder pain and restriction

Case 45:  Constant sciatic pain with foot paresthesia

Case 46:  Acute sciatic pain and numbness of the foot

Case 47:  Chronic hip pain and distal paresthesia associated with bursitis

Case 48:  Chronic hip pain and distal paresthesia in a 37-year-old male

Case 49:  Treatment of a patient complaining of frequent classical migraines

Case 50:  Treatment of atypical absence seizures (petit mal epilepsy)

Case 51:  Chronic hip pain associated with bursitis in a 71-year-old male

Case 52:  Chronic hip pain associated with congenital hip dysplasia

Case 53:  A comparison of two cases of chronic shoulder pain and restriction.

Case 54:  Idiopathic inflammation of the ankle in a 69-year-old male

Case 55:  Treatment of frequent classical migraines during pregnancy

Case 56:  Treatment of severe back pain complicated by multiple artifacts

Case 57:  Treatment of severe dizziness

Case 58:  Unsuccessful treatment of Vertigo & Dizziness

Case 59:  Treatment of pain and numbness in the leg

Case 60:  Chronic coccyx and lumbar pain spanning more than eleven years