An extended workshop for existing Bowen therapists. The class also includes selected presentations from Targeting Primary Dysfunction workshop.

9:00 am - 4:30 pm Friday 1st July 2022
9:00 am - 4:30 pm Saturday 2nd July 2022
9:00 am - 4:30 pm Sunday 3rd July 2022

This three-day workshop presents the Importance of Symmetry class along with additional presentations from the “Part-2” class entitled Targeting Primary Dysfunction.

This workshop teaches Bowen Therapists to assess each patient in order to locate and release the specific muscle tension that is sustaining dysfunction.  It helps the therapist to develop a more holistic appreciation of dysfunction and to attain a tactile recognition of relevant soft tissue ‘pathology’.  It illustrates the significance of the meridians in the application of Bowen Therapy.  Most importantly, it highlights the importance of ‘symmetry’ as a guide to effective Bowen treatment.

Since 2013, the Importance of Symmetry workshop has been presented to more than 1300 therapists in 20 different countries and in every case, it has been enthusiastically endorsed by those who participated.  This workshop will enhance your ability to locate and resolve dysfunction at its source and it will dramatically improve your confidence and your clinical outcomes.  I believe it will forever change the way you practice Bowen Therapy.



This workshop will cover:

Historical overview of the Bowen Technique (History & Origins)

Underlying principles and theory (I)

Holistic assessment techniques

Underlying principles and theory (II)

Procedures to influence the ‘Central Axis’

Procedures to influence the Pelvis

Additional assessment and screening

How to provide a ‘targeted’ Bowen treatment

The importance of tactile recognition to identify pathology

Patterns in Practice: Common patterns of dysfunction in relation to clinical presentation

Textbook principles

The importance of understanding the role of meridians in Bowen Technique

Patient management

Practical demonstrations on volunteer patients

This workshop is accredited for CPD/CEU’s with BTFA and BAA (category 3 – 24 CEUs)


$695- . For anyone repeating the class $475-


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